21 Songs From 2016 That Nearly Got Away

The Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca‘s 2016 album, “ABUC,” put vintage Cuban styles through assorted time warps. “Family,” with its genre billed as “Doo-wop/Electro Aragón,” is the nuttiest of them. Mr. Fonseca takes frisky solos on organ, and the tune layers the kind of rock that might have shown up in a mid-1960s TV theme with a raucous New Orleans horn section, vocals from members of the Cuban institution Orquesta Aragón a bridge that down-shifts into a slow cha-cha and a street-parade coda. It ends up somewhere between Santana and Buena Vista Social Club, and a long way from tradition. A live version on YouTube is fun, too. By Jon Pareles at The New York Times.

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