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“No matter how high the sky is in the world, no matter how deep the deep sea is, there won’t be a barrier in the world that my deep love won’t break for you”. This is not only a bolero, it is a declaration of love, it is the total surrender to the loved one. Roberto Fonseca expresses the poetry of those songs that have made generations fall in love, of those phrases that like this one are part of the collective memory, those that we have always said or wanted to say as verses, and that we have hummed as songs.

The list of performers that Roberto brings to this edition of La Isla Sonora is not just any old classic: Benny Moré alongside Pedro Vargas, a legendary encounter of which anecdotes are still told; José Antonio Méndez, brilliant poet of the Cuban filin; Guillermo Portabales, the creator of the guajira de salón; Barbarito Diez, the voice of danzón and elegance made song; Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo, another duo that Roberto himself was able to accompany; Abelardo Barroso, godfather of son and cha cha chá; María Teresa Vera, the first diva and first lady of Cuban song; or Nat King Cole and his magnificent vision of the Latin romantic song.

Roberto Fonseca’s new episode has dressed up with his love songs. Available here.

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