Happy New Year!!

Great year is ahead us! Time to thank and send my very best vibes


New confirmed date!

(ES) Un proyecto que ya cosechó buenas críticas en Europa, llega por primera vez a África. roberto SOLO fonseca regresa en 2016 con su primera fecha confirmada.


Brand new sound…

2015 has been a year full of work, tours and surprises for Roberto Fonseca. He will welcome the new year with an album recording…


Listen now on Youtube

A brand new sound is now available on Youtube. Click, listen and enjoy an album that changed Roberto’s musical carreer.


Two Music Cultures @HKAF

Roberto Fonseca raised the roof at the HKAF in 2014; his fabulous swing and blues band concert was a swift sell-out, greeted with standing ovations. Now Fonseca returns to the HKAF, this time partnering Malian singer-songwriter, Fatoumata Diawara. Malian melodies blend with intoxicating Afro-Caribbean grooves


Thanks Belgium

Thanks to all Belgium fans that supported and came to our shows at Flagey, De Werf, 30CC and Hasselt Cultuurcentrum. Despite of the tragic episodes lived in Europe, music sounded…


Deep connection

A fantastic performance in Barcelona. “At Home” has just started with sold out concerts in Europe.


On Tour

(ES) Fatoumata y Roberto cierran un año cargado, con muchas novedades y fechas confirmadas en…


Unique date in Barcelona

(ES) Primera y única fecha confirmada en Barcelona. Concierto presentación de At Home en la sala Barts.