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MONTUNO PRODUCTIONS AND EVENTS CORP. (from now on MONTUNO) put to the general public's disposition (from now on the"User") services and information (from now on Contents), by means of a page in Internet (from now on web site).

The maintenance and administration of this web site will be carry out by MONTUNO.

Access to the web site
The access to MONTUNO’s Web site is free, without previous authorization, subscription or registration. The user that consents to this web site knows and it accepts these conditions, and the modifications that will be made, so the user should periodically consent to the web site for his knowledge.

MONTUNO will be able to regulate for certain contents conditions matters that will be facilitated to the users in the moment to consent to these who know and they accept. The access of the users to the web site doesn't imply any obligation neither guarantee on the part of its holders. This the right is reserved to suspend and to cancel the access to the web site without previous warning, and without justification some, and it is reserved the possibility to modify the conditions of the access unilaterally. The quality and speed with which you consents to the web site it won't be responsibility of MONTUNO, not being able to the user to claim quantity some, in compensation concept for damages and damages.

The means, informative programs and utilized teams to consent to the web site will be for bill of the users, MONTUNO will be able to facilitate, in certain circumstances, the computer programs and means to consent, not taking the responsibility in any moment of the good operation of these, neither of the use rights or required licenses for its use.

MONTUNO won't be responsible for any anomaly, bad operation, deterioration, erased of data or software that takes place in the teams or systems of the users, as direct or indirect consequence, of the access or access intent to its web site.

Contents of the web site
The service lent by MONTUNO by means of its web site is for indefinite time, being able to in any moment to cease the benefit of this groundless service or justified reason.

The language used by MONTUNO in the web site will be the Castellano, without prejudice of using other languages so much national as autonomous freely and without previous notice. MONTUNO doesn't take the responsibility of the non understanding or understanding of the languages of the web site for the user.
MONTUNO is regular of the rights of ownership intellectual that could relapse on the present web site, as well as of the contents that it harbors. Nevertheless, in those cases in those that the rights of ownership intellectual are ownership of third, these they have authorized and transmitted MONTUNO the necessary rights for their exploitation and incorporation to the web site.

The user is authorized to descend and to reproduce the protected contents, provided he has as purpose his private use, or those uses allowed by the Recast Text of the Law of Intellectual property. Any other act of exploitation is forbidden, being reserved MONTUNO the right to undertake the legal stocks that it considers opportune.

All the marks, logoses, trade names, included in the web site, are properly registered for their holders, being forbidden their use against the will pertinent of their holder.

MONTUNO will be able to modify the contents without previous notice, as well as to suppress and to change these inside the web site, without justification some and freely, as the form in that you consents to these, not taking the responsibility of the consequences that can affect the users.

MONTUNO doesn't become responsible for the reliability and speed of the hyperlinks that incorporate in its web site to other webs sites.

MONTUNO doesn't guarantee the utility of the web sites, neither he/she takes the responsibility from the contents or services to those that the user can consent by means of the connections or hyperlinks incorporated in his web site, neither of the good operation of these.

It won't be responsible MONTUNO of the virus or other computer programs that deteriorate or they can deteriorate the systems or computer teams from the users when consenting to their web site, or other web sites to those that you has consented by means of connections or hyperlinks of the web site of MONTUNO.

Users of the web site
The users that consent to the web site of MONTUNO, and anyone of the services that this it provides, they will make it to according to the Law, the morals, the good customs and the public order, and they put under an obligation at every moment to consent to the web site and the contents this way and not with illegal ends, prejudicial of rights and freedoms of third, or in form or way that can damage, to deteriorate and to saturate the web site, in damage of MONTUNO or of third users. The users won't make use of the contents of the form web site contrary to the Law, uses and customs and public order; they didn't copy, they transformed, they modified or they manipulated the contents; they didn't use part or everything of these to promote, to sell, to hire or to disclose publicity or own information or of third people without the authorization of MONTUNO; neither they will remit publicity or maximum information or not by means of the products or services that are pruned to disposition of the users.

The access to the contents of the web on the part of the user carries out it under its total responsibility not being able to rebound MONTUNO any direct derivative consequence or indirectly of the access to the web, be already of physical, logical, moral or personal environment.

The connections or hyperlinks that incorporate addresses to the web site of MONTUNO won't be able to manifest false, inexact or confused indications, and they will only consent to the page not being able to copy or to reproduce total or partially these.

MONTUNO will be able to make responsible the users that making a wrong use of the web site, causes damages or damages to third people, as well as of the possible virus or computer programs that can introduce, to generate, to house in the web site and deteriorate or they can deteriorate so much that contained as the good operation of this; as well as the teams, systems and programs of the users of the web site, MONTUNO will be able to go against the users on all the reclamations, compensations, tickets or administrative sanctions that relapses on MONTUNO and be responsibility of some user of the contents or services of the web site.

All the users that know some performance that is deteriorating or it can deteriorate the good operation of the web site of MONTUNO, modify or alter the contents of this, they will communicate this situation to MONTUNO by means of their electronic mail.

Law clause and submission to the Tribunals
These General Conditions are governed by the Spanish Law. For any controversy that could be derived of the benefit of the services object of these General Conditions, MONTUNO and the User, with express waiver to any other jurisdiction that could correspond them, undergo the jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunals and Tribunals of Barcelona (Spain).