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Radio Gladys Palmera launches new programming this year. Two Latin jazz programs revitalize this online radio station, conducted by two of the most important musicians of the genre: Bobby Sanabria and Roberto Fonseca. Isla Sonora is Roberto Fonseca’s Brand new radio show. Focusing more on Cuba and on the large number of talents that La Isla has given to the world, Fonseca takes a journey through the past and present of Caribbean jazz and the work of great pianists and composers who have mixed jazz with mambo, descargas, cha-cha-cha and rumba. Roberto Fonseca is a Havana-born pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and conductor. He recorded his first solo album in 1999 and joined the Buena Vista Social Club to later accompany the great legends of Cuban music. In jazz, his collaborations with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter stand out, and in the production the famous project Havana Cultura. Nominated for a Grammy, his music is inseparable from his mystical experience. THURSDAY.

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