‘Quien Soy Yo’ on Jamie Cullum show @ BBC Radio 2

Don’t miss Jamie Cullum‘s show on BBC Radio 2 aired April 3rd. As per Cullum‘s words: ‘A great new album. I strongly recommend, you get hold of it.’

Click here if you want to listen the show again.

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Comments: 3

  1. Miaka, 21/04/2012

    I worked a gig here in NY last week where Diana Krall and her hubby Elvis Costello were the eeinrtatnment. The sound guys had been playing her music all day over the speakers while they were doing their setup and then i heard a female voice say thanks guys and i realised that i had missed her entire soundcheck. I just thought it had been a continuation of her recorded music and it wasn’t. dammit. I did get to watch Elvis Costello though. (I also got to flirt with Lou Reed, Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson last night for about 2 hours at another gig.) Aw the NY life. BUT! Have fun i don’t know Jamie Cullum but Diana is awesome.

  2. Sex Shop, 27/05/2012

    Muy buenooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Suzi, 31/05/2012

    Thanks god, what a fantastic otuoprnity and exemple for who think that Modern and contemporary music and talent have nothing to do with traditional classical music. I’m waiting now for a colaboration with dj’s, electronic and new technology on Stage with traditional classical orchestra we have still much to doWith Love for you all xxxx

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