End Of The First ‘YO’ UK Tour

With some sadness the first ‘YO’ tour has come to a close. Eight concerts around UK that introduced this journey between Cuba and Africa. The shows were all well received and the tour now continues into Europe, with the first date in Paris on 15th April before travelling on to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain before returning back to France. UK fans will have the opportunity to see Roberto again at the end of May.

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  1. Yentsy Rangel, 04/09/2013

    El lenguaje de Fonseca llega a trasgredir el fenómeno jazzístico para discursar con el más genuino mensaje espiritual de la música. Tuve la oportundad de verlo en el Teatro Mella el 20 de agosto 2013 en Cuba y como siempre sorprendió su propuesta a teatro lleno luego de una gran tormenta.

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