YO, New album and European Tour

It won’t be long til the release of Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca’s new album. ‘YO’, which will be Roberto’s seventh solo album, is breaking new grounds with elements of electronica sitting alongside acoustic instruments.

The record pays homage to Cuba’s African roots with contemporary feel. Accompanied by first class musicians, Roberto will release this eagerly awaited album in Spring and will also be back on the road in Europe performing live.

Click here for the updated tour dates.

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Comments: 6

  1. Chabani, 20/12/2011

    Seguro que esta nuevo album es una musica muy linda como siempre, el Maestro el mejor del mundo del jazz nuevo. Esperamos

  2. christian, 10/01/2012

    Espero poder escaparme a Londres a verte!! No será tan próximo como en la Zorra y el Cuervo en La Habana pero espero poder saludarte. Un abrazo y mucha suerte con el nuevo CD. Ya tengo ganas de poder comprarlo.
    Un abrazo

  3. Tania, 19/01/2012

    How do i get tickets for the Cape Town concert on 16 march 2012

  4. gilberto branco, 01/02/2012

    Ansioso pelo novo cd ,para quando um concerto em portugal? visto ter todos os cds menos o 1º onde posso comprar o mesmo?abraço Gil Branco

  5. Verónica Andrade, 08/02/2012

    Queira por favor incluir Portugal nas suas viagens! parabéns pela sua Música. Abracinho!

  6. Dumidu, 10/03/2012

    yes, C’mon over to ITALY, pleeeaaasseee!your iaalitn fans need you desperately -and my wife won’t let me go anywhere else in Europe! anyway thanks for your music, can’t wait to receive the cd

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