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Bibisa feat. Fatoumata Diawara
Mi Negra Ave María
7 Rayos feat. Faudel Amil
El Soñador está Cansado
Gnawa Stop
El Mayor
Así es la vida
Quien Soy Yo feat. Assane Mboup
Bibisa (Remix) feat. Fatoumata Diawara
80's (Remix)

When Roberto Fonseca plays, the music seeps from every pore in his body, at times on stage he stands and hammers the piano as if it were a percussion instrument or he grabs a drum and transforms his group into a comparsa – the Cuban carnival groups that parade the streets once a year – and gets the audiences dancing euphorically…..

YO, Fonseca’s new album, continues this party like never before. Recognized as a major influence on modern Cuban jazz, and jazz in general, he proves that his horizons are not limited by the subtleties of jazz, nor to just the Caribbean.

That he has chosen to title it simply ‘yo’, ‘I’ , or ‘me’ in Spanish, and to pose shirtless on his album cover, his hands open facing up the sky, is not unimportant. The naked torso, without a hat, nor jewellery, evokes rebirth.

“This album unveils the beginning of a new phase more than the closure of an old one,” explains Fonseca. “On YO, I want to delve deep into my roots in light of my experiences and show the diversity of my musical universe, all these ideas which I had put aside, unable to use until now.”

If the new compositions revisit themes such as love and spirituality that have already nourished his work, this time Fonseca draws from a rich musical palette full of contrasts. In place of his usual jazz quintet, on YO he develops a concept of a union between electro, analogue and African, Hammond organs, n’goni, congas, kora and the talking drum, combined together in a synthesis of Afro Cuban groove and Griot tradition.

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Comments: 11

  1. karem mesa, 17/01/2012

    Esta genial!!!

  2. Daniel Rososki, 26/01/2012

    Hello Roberto
    First thing,just want to say big thank you for the inspiration and attitude towards music .
    Second,is there any chance you’ll be touring in Israel?
    It will be magnificent!!!!
    Good luck with new album,i’m sure it will be outstanding.
    All the best


  3. luca, 28/04/2012

    so fresh. full of life. full of emotions. great.

  4. Luis NR, 02/05/2012

    Hola, Roberto.
    Mi sincera enhorabuena por el disco, realmente fabuloso.
    Mis felicitaciones también por la elección de los músicos y por los temas, todos, porque son fantásticos.
    Un cordial saludo, y a seguir así, que vas con un rumbo más que perfecto.

  5. PALOMA SÁNCHEZ MARTÍN, 09/05/2012

    Que maravilla estuve ayer escuchandolo y estoy con la musica africana hace un monton de años y flipada con la Kora he estado en Cuba dos veces y sabía que al final musicos tan excelentes tenían que juntarse viva Africa y la musica de los negros que sois los mejores los primeros y de los que ha salido toda la musica del mundo, blus, rock y todo viva Cuba enhorabuena Roberto.bsu

  6. Pierre Zaparucha, 25/07/2012

    Il n’a pas fait que pleuvoir de l’eau sur Paris au mois de Juillet. de belles notes dans de superbes morceaux variés. Mon album de l’année. Merci

  7. Dominique, 03/08/2012

    Muchas gracias Roberto, para este concerto en la noche pasada en Marciac. Nos permite de hacer un vuelo spiritual, transportados por el amor. Maravilloso, momentos divinos. Debajo su musica, su alma parece muy linda, muy fresca. momentos de gozo. Las palabras me faltan para decir todo loque siento todo lo que me pasa al interior. yo no tengo la musica para exprimarme, pero la siento mucho.
    Muchas muchas gracia a todos, y un besito.

  8. Alain FV, 30/08/2012

    Sali de Cuba sin haberlos visto nunca en vivo,…pero… ya regresare!!!
    Su musica me da razones de vida!!!! De alguna manera me transporta como nada!!
    ya nos veremos, seguroo!!!

  9. David, 19/07/2013

    Gran disco! Pero por favor indicar los instrumentistas y vocalistas. Especialmente quiero saber quien es que toca el kora.

  10. Loretta Schell, 22/09/2013

    I was introduced to Roberto’s talent last night at the Mondavi Center in Davis. To say that his music, his gift, is other-worldly is an understatement. I have never witnessed anything like him. His innate ability to use his body as a divining rod to the other musicians surrounding him is unlike anyone I have seen in music today.
    The exception talent he keeps only adds to the power of their music. I, along with those seated nearby, were left stunned as Roberto and his fellow musicians walked off the stage.

  11. Manuel Gil, 14/02/2014

    De Roberto no hay que esperar menos.
    Este joven da en la diana siempre con sus producciones y llena de manera muy puntual a quienes tenemos la dicha de ser sus admiradores.
    Me permito dedicar esta producciòn a una persona que se a èl le gustarà. IBRAHIM FERRER. Quien siempre creyò en èl y lo quiso como a un hijo.
    Exitos en cantidad industrial…

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