Special nights at Duc des Lombards

Duc des Lombards has given carte blanche to Roberto Fonseca for three nights for which the Cuban pianist has selected three outstanding artists


Live at Kabardock

Roberto Fonseca, returns to Reunion Islands for a unique concert at the Kabardock- Ravine Saint Leu next November 23rd.


Yo #13 on iTunes Jazz USA

#YO is featured in the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes Jazz USA.


Special Edition LP

Now YO is available on vinyl for European fans as a “Special Edition LP” (Jazz Village).


Roberto Fonseca, looking to move Afro-Cuban music forward

For so many American eardrums, the story of Afro-Cuban music begins and ends with “Buena Vista Social Club.”Roberto Fonseca is quite literally stepping out of it. Learn more here.


The syncretic sounds of Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Fonseca, over the last decade he’s been making music that veers far from BVSC’s old-school approach for something modern, syncretic, high energy, and rooted in the island’s rich Latin jazz history.


For Some Songs, the Audience Is Included

During his encore at the Highline Ballroom on September 24th, the pianist Roberto Fonseca did what any gracious Cuban entertainer typically does with a New York audience: he struck a note of inclusion.


XXI century Music

(ES) La prestigiosa publicación norteamericana Downbeat destaca el lanzamiento del último trabajo de Roberto Fonseca en Estados Unidos. Entre hermosas melodías y acentos rítmicos que harían sudar a más de uno. Continua leyendo.


International Jazz Festival- Teatro Libre

The prestigious International Jazz Festival Teatro Libre (Colombia) celebrates its 25 years.